CRM4EMS Project


Word cloud of prevalence of a word used in qualitative data

Word Cloud that is illustrative of some potentially important qualitative data points

The word cloud emphasises word frequency by displaying the prevalence of a word used in qualitative data by its size – lager words are more frequently used smaller sized words indicate that they are used less frequently. For example, ‘Lack’, ‘Important’, ‘Communication’, ‘People’, ‘Team’, ‘Stress’ and ‘Knowledge’ among others stand out in the word cloud. ‘Lack’ may refer to a lack of resources, although this is not confirmed by the word cloud. Other terms are common in CRM and HF analysis, so they indicate their importance to the EMS context.

A word cloud may not be precise as it is likely to include terms that are not directly relevant to the analysis. Nor does the word cloud indicate positive or negative emphasis, so any interpretation of this must be done with this understanding. However, it does offer pointers to issues of potential importance to EMS professionals, the operations they undertake, and the organisations and systems in which they work. These are considered more closely in the findings of the analysis presented in the IO1 report.