CRM4EMS Project

Project Description

The CRM4EMS project will design, develop, deliver and evaluate a Crew Resource Management (CRM) solution for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The principal aim of the CRM4EMS project is to provide Emergency Medical Services with a resource that they can adapt and utilise within their organisations to improve system and operational safety, and help mitigate against the causes of errors that result in adverse events for the public who need to use EMS provision and for EMS professionals too.

Objectives and Target Group

The main objectives of the project are to development an understanding of CRM/HF (human factors) in emergency medical services:

  • Identify the CRM/HF training needs associated with EMS work;

  • Complete the training cycle to delivery and early evaluation;

  • Research the potential for meeting national VET standards in partner countries;

  • Identify opportunities for commercial training delivery.


The project target groups are EMS organisations and their personnel, which may include:

  • Ambulance drivers

  • Paramedics

  • EMTs

  • Medical Doctors

  • Nurses

Intellectual Outputs (IO)

IO1 - Training Needs Analysis tools that will be available to EMS providers to examine their CRM and HF related issues.

IO2 - A CRM training course, which can be used off the shelf by EMS providers, or more appropriately they can use it as a reference CRM training course that they can adapt to meet the needs of their organisation and its members. The adaptation can be based on the outcomes of the training needs analysis they undertake within their organization using the tools made available to them.

IO3 - An Evaluation tool that can be used to understand the reactions to training, the knowledge obtained, the change or maintenance of behaviours at work, and strategic outcomes in terms of organizational performance.

IO4 - A manual that will describe how to utilize each of the project results.